Acadia University East Coast Combinatorics Conference 2011 Atlantic Association for Research in the
			      Mathmatical Sciences



Invited talks

Lorna Stewart, Overlap representations and overlap numbers of graphs

Peter Dukes, Designs and the cone condition


Contributed talks

Andrei Gagarin, Upper bounds for the bondage number of graphs on topological surfaces

Art Finbow, On the packing chromatic number of some lattices

Asiyeh Sanaei, New families of 3-existentially closed graphs

Bert Hartnell, Graphs with exactly t different sizes of maximal independent sets of vertices

Danny Dyer, Fast searching graphs with few searchers

David Pike, Colouring block designs

Franklin Mendivil, de Bruijn sequences and IFS fractals

Huda Chuangpishit, Nowhere-zero flows of graphs

Neil McKay, Wythoff sequences and partizan subtraction games

Rebecca Keeping, Lessons in losing: an introduction to misere game theory

Robert Dawson, Arithmetic polygons

Shannon Fitzpatrick, Copwin edge critical graphs

Suzanne Seager, Locating a robber on a graph